The vision for San SeSan is to be a technology-first distributor with its end-to-end frame of solutions built on best-in-class practices and to become a centre of excellence for its brands and partners alike.


San SeSan has always embodied a niche through its signature of core values – passion, innovation, professionalism and results-oriented. These have been definitive driving factors for our success through the years and will continue to fuel the organisation’s vision and mission for years to come.


The biggest asset in our organisation is our people, and we are proud to have a team that is extremely committed to each of their functions, all of which come together to shape a relentless spirit towards achieving our goals and ensuring continuous success for our brands and partners alike.


San SeSan embodies values similar to that of a ninja:

• agility and swiftness
• high performance and formidable
• quick to adapt to changing conditions.

Dressed in a tone that symbolises our passion, our agility in handling brands allows fast go-to-market implementations and fast-to-react to marketing changes. We remain calm in all situations as experience has taught us to be, and we are always prepared for new challenges. Like a true ninja with an arsenal of weapons, we use the best-in-class tools and strategies to bring brands to scaled heights of success.

San Sesan